What to do if there is a discrepancy with your order

What to do if there is a discrepancy with your order

If there are any noticeable discrepancies with your order or if the item delivered is the wrong item, please contact WatchesOnline to make any necessary corrections. Product discrepancies not notified to WatchesOnline within 5 days may not be eligible for replacement. Please do not use items that you believe are incorrect as it may void our ability to exchange or replace the items. For help with international shipping, please read our International Shipping Issues section below. Please contact us within 5 days of receiving your shipment if your item is defective. You may be asked to provide photographs of the discrepant item(s) to help us better assist you.

Return Shipping for orders with a discrepancy

We may provide return shipping if we made a mistake with your order. Return shipping labels will be provided via email. Please print the label and tape it to the shipping carton. In such cases, we will not reimburse or refund shipping charges if you choose not to use our shipping label.

International Shipping Issues

If an International order is received damaged or not received at all, an insurance claim must be initiated and finalized before customer compensation or product replacement is executed by WatchesOnline. If the item is received damaged, please contact WatchesOnline within five business days of delivery to conduct a claim. Please hold onto your shipping box because our insurance company may want to inspect it. If the item is not received at all, we are required to wait 45 days after the shipment date to conduct an insurance claim.

Need Help?

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